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“I’d just as soon play tennis with the net down.” Robert Frost

We all have different ways of relaxing, letting our hair down, and socialising. Some of us enjoy vigorous exercise whilst others prefer more gentle pursuits. Some have wide social circles, whilst others are more isolated. Whether we play with the net up or down we all have different ways of spending our leisure time.

Here we want to share our pastimes and recreational activities to reflect the diverse nature of disabled people, older people and carers in Dorset. We think that it will become a useful resource for people to get inspiration and find information on the wide range of activities that are available to us locally. Please contact us to share your experience.

Fit For Life

Welcome to Fit For Life, a resource that inspires disabled and older people to take up exercise.

We are making a series of inspiring short films for the website, along with articles and a growing list of activities and contact details. We are covering a broad spectrum of exercise, sport and recreational activities focusing on exercise for health and happiness rather than competitive sport.

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If you would think you have an activity that would be suited to our Fit For Life page then please fill out this form.

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Don’t forget, if you’re looking for more information or advice,
please DIAL Access Dorset: 01202 430113

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